12 Weeks to Creating a fertility Routine for Yourself!

Fertility Fem Fun!

Imagine if you could…

Start and increasing your chances of conception?

Shrink all your fibroids naturally?

Learn natural fertility methods at home?

Have MORE fertility, femininity and fun in you life?

Sis, I get it! You want a baby but you have fibroids and its hard to get pregnant.

You feel like your fibroids, diet and lifestyle are affecting your chances of conception.

So you want to create a new routine for yourself.

You want to practice natural fertility methods and choose healthier options!

Because you want to get pregnant naturally!

Fertility Feminine Fun is a complete fertility program that gives you the fundamental education on women’s fertility, fibroids and creating an effective strategy for improving your chances of conception.


You’re here because it’s been hard to conceive after months, if not years of trying. You’ve just been struggling to get pregnant month after month and nothing seems to be working.

On top of that, you’ve been diagnosed with fibroids and they’ve been ruining your life and chances of conception ever since.

Not only that, you might even have a combination of fibroids and pcos or your ovaries appear polycystic. Who wants that?

Or you might even have fibroids and endometriosis. Who wants that either?

And to make matters worse, you work at a stressful job and can’t tell when the work will end. You can’t make plans during the work week. Or you’re always On-call as a nurse, doula, entertainer, or even an exotic dancer.

You’re working 40+ hour work weeks, several night shifts and as a woman you feel you’re working too much and too hard.

Plus, you’re a go getter and even have a side hustle or two or have been thinking about a couple.

Whatever your profession or goals are, one thing for sure is…Sleep is bad!

You’re not getting enough sleep, you’re feeling tired and you have an obsession with coffee to help you stay awake that you can’t let go. Even though coffee and poor sleep is a recipe for poor fertility and fibroids.

But what are you to do instead?

Being a high performer isn’t easy. Even if you’re a healer or in the health field, with all that you know about health you’re still feeling removed as a yoga instructor, nurse, doula, healer or teacher.

Even as a self-employed network marketer with your side hustle, you feel like you need better time management to fit selfcare into your schedule. Because right now, selfcare for you is little to non-existent.

And you know you need to do something about your fertility selfcare sooner than later because you know that due to all the stress, you know
your estrogen is off
your hormones are out of balance; And
your fibroids aren’t shrinking themselves and don’t appear to be going away on their own.


As a result, you may have recently had one or more miscarriages within the last 1-5 years. Or you’re at risk of having a miscarriage and don’t want to experience one or any more.

Between having fibroids and miscarriages, you may have even had to fight to take time off work for surgery or to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually afterwards.

Just the thought of that happening again or for the first time is draining and you cannot imagine going through all that again or ever.

As a last resort, which you never thought you’d have to consider, now you’re seeing or thinking about seeing an endocrinologist.

Or you may have recently had surgery a year or two ago.


Or you have been told surgery, whether that’s with laparoscopy or myomectomy, is the only option to remove your fibroids in hopes of increasing your chances of conception.

But you have friends who’ve had or heard of other women who have had “emergency” or procedural hysterectomies and you don’t want that to happen to you next…

Or you had one surgery your doctor removed one of your tubes or one of your ovaries…without asking you!

So now you either don’t trust western medicine or know there has to be a better way…

Or you’re trying the wait-and-see approach and need something in place until you decide your next steps…

Either way, after going along with what your doctor said and getting the surgery, or playing the wait-and-see game you believed your gynocologist when he or she said you should be able to conceive…

But you’re still not pregnant and now you’re unclear why not.

Even if you’ve been going the natural route like many other women are today…

You may be thinking about seeing an acupuncturist or chiropractor or already seen one.

It’s possible that you may have even done one or two sessions with fibroid specialist here, an acupuncturist there, or even gone to a yoni steam spa once too.

Interestingly enough, in the past you know you’ve responded well and quickly to natural medicine.

BUT you need more sessions!

And even though the first couple if treatments you had worked and you noticed some positive results, you didn’t go back.

You realize, now, that you still really need to have something in place for yourself or to create a routine of your own.

So you’ve tried a couple cleanses here and herbs there to try to increase your chances of conception.

But it’s the same story…

You run out of supply and never restocked or continued with the protocol.

It’s not your fault! Who can blame you?



You either forget to stock up or just have no clue how herbs, hormones and cleansing while trying to conceive works anyway.

To add to all that, you were or still having intercouse while cleansing and you’re not sure whether that is a good idea or not.

You want to shrink your fibroids and improve your chances of conception…

But you also want a healthy baby and don’t want to risk losing a pregnancy because you’re cleansing while trying to get pregnant at the same time…or wrong time.

So you need a better way!


 But you feel like you’re running out of time and are wondering if it’s still even worth it.

You’re also feeling pain regularly, from time to time and you just want the fibroids to go.

Eventhough you’re eating a mostly plant-based diet and don’t eat meat or only eat some fish like salmon. You’ve heard that in order to stop feeling pain you need to eat less inflammatory foods like dairy…

But you still struggle with cheese even on your plant-based, pescatarian or pescatarian-keto diet.

In addition, you have an obsession with black coffee, alcohol and other things you keep hearing are bad for fertility and fibroids too.

To compensate, you try to mostly drink water, but you want more options than drinking water alone to boost your fertility and increase your chances.

You’re moving in that direction by taking supplements like pre-biotics, multivitamins, folate, B12…

But you see conflicting information about taking synthetic drugs and want to go where our ancestors went for healing…

…to nature, within, to self!

Despite everything you’ve tried, you’re still trying to conceive unsuccessfully. You’ve been struggling with both fibroids and trying to conceive for over 6 months.

And you don’t even know how to tell when you ovulate. So eventhough your app says you ovulated, now you’re not sure if you’re ovulating at all.

Even though your periods come every month, sometimes or almost every month…

You need a better way to tell when and if you’re ovulating so you can have a better way of timing intercourse to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

At the end of the day, you just feel stuck or like you’ve neglected yourself and you want to build yourself back up.

You know you need something in place but lately you’ve just been feeling stuck.

If you know it’s time to start over!…

If You’ve been saying “I’m ready for healing”!…

Sis, This 12 week course to learn natural fertility techniques to shrink fibroids and increase your chances of conception is your next step!

Fertility Feminine Fun provides you with a holistic range of tools you need to make informed choices when it comes to improving your fertility the natural way.

Who is this course for?

This Fertility Feminine Fun program is for you if you’re…

  • You’re trying to conceive naturally.
  • You should be able to conceive but have not been able to yet
  • You have fibroids or want to learn natural ways to elimninte with fibroid.
  • You’re stressed and looking for ways to heal their womb.
  • You’ve had some success before with natural treatment.
  • You’re too busy or don’t want go for outside treatments.
  • You respond well to natural remedies
  • You’re open to holistic reproductive approaches
  • You’re trying to be proactive.
  • You’re looking to connect with other women on your fertility journy.
Learn 12 natural fertility methods you can use in your daily routine to begin shrinking your fibroids and increasing your chances of conceiving in just 12 weeks.

Ready to start and increasing your chances of conception?

Are you ready to shrink your fibroids naturally?

Are you ready to learn natural fertility methods?

Wanting more fertility, femininity and fun in you life?

What You’ll Get:

  • 1 60-min. Live Technique Tutorial/ week
  • 2 90-min. Live Q&A Support Session/ week
  • Min. 1 Pre-Recorded Self-Study Lessons/ week
  • Weekly Workbooks & worksheets
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Digital Planner
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Meet Natty

Nattassia “Natty” Wynter founder of Black Fertility has been drawn to women’s fertility and reproductive health since her early childhood.

Natty suffered severe menstrual issues since her first period at just nine years old and later also developed a breast fibroid. She then learned uterine fibroids ran in her family.

Volunteering at her local midwifery clinic and giving birth to her own children taught her a great deal about how lifestyle affects fertility and birth outcomes.

She’s helped many have safer birth outcomes. She’s also a yoni steam distributor and has created a herbal fertility course used by other doulas and yoni steam practitioners and has made guest appearances on radio speaking about fibroids and fertility.

Now Natty is a natural fertility coach helping women improve their diet, womb health and cycles to conceive naturally faster.

"The ovarian cyst I had on my right ovary (which was the size of a gum ball) is completely gone. Got an ultrasound last week. Thank you queen for giving me tips."


By the end of this course you will learn:

  • How to create a fertility routine, set actionable goals and see your plans thru to eliminate fibroids and boost your fertility.
  • How to add one or all twelve (12) natural fertility techniques to add to your morning, evening and night routine.
  • How your chances of conception are affected by your diet, lifestyle choices and environment.
  • How to shrink fibroids naturally without surgery, drugs or invasive procedures.
  • How your reproductive organs and hormones influence your chances of getting pregnant.
  • What things to avoid that promote fibroids and infertility.
  • How to start doing more things that promote fertility and shrinkage of fibroids.
  • How long you need to practice natural fertility methods to see significant results.
  • How to accurately tell if you’re ovulating so you can better time intercourse and the increase your chances of conception.
  • How to start properly trying to conceive for the next 3-6 months.
  • BONUS: Plus you’ll get bonus complementary lessons to support and expand your fertility awareness to boost your fertility, shrink fibroids and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Week 1: Fertility Goals & Fertility Awareness

Module one is about raising your fertility awareness & fibroid awareness to get clarity and set your fertility goals.


Week 2: Womb & Gut Health

Module two is about improving your gut and womb health with diet and cultivating a physical connection with your womb, while raising your awareness of it’s role and function.


Week 3: De-stress & Flourish Your Fertility

Module three is about the effects of stress on fertility & fibroids and practicing techniques that reduce stress, fibroids and promote better fertility outcomes.


Week 4: Womb Health & Restoration

Module four is about engaging your uterine and vaginal muscles to tone and strengthen your womb center often weakened by fibroids. Strengthening these muscles is beneficial to increasing your odds of maintaining a healthy pregnancy.


Week 5: Cultivating Fertile Energy

Module five is about cultivating your fertile energy to increase your chances of getting pregnant and unblocking any energetic disturbances contributing to fibroids.


Week 6: Herbal Fertility Cleanses

Module six is about using herbs to help your womb eliminate fibroids and increase your chances of conceiving.


Week 7: Phasic Fertility Food Prep

Module seven is about optimizing your diet to supercharge your chances of conception on a nutritional level. It’s also about using food to reduce the growth, development and proliferation of fibroids.


Week 8: Ovulating Charting, Tracking & Syncing

Module eight is accurately pinpointing when you’re ovulating so you can better time intercourse to increase your chances of conception.


Week 9: Womb Warmth & Healing Oils

Module nine is about using essential oils and performing warm compresses, such as castor oil packs and more to dissolve fibroids and other adhesions to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.


Week 10: Hormone Balancing Exercises

Module ten covers special hormone balancing fertility exercises that are beneficial for eliminating fibroids and their symptoms and boosting fertility without causing energy deficits.


Week 11: The Supple Womb & Subtle Feminine Energy

In module eleven you’ll explore tapping into your feminine energy deeper and how to channel this energy to increase your fertility and chances of conception.


Week 12: Sexual Healing & Timing Itercourse

Module twelve is about properly trying to conceive, embracing your sexuality and sensual energy and putting all the pieces together to eliminate fibroids and increase your chances of conception.

Meet Natty

After being diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells and being scheduled for surgery and only 15yrs, Natty instinctively knew there had to be a better way. She was determined to heal her womb naturally. Suffering in silence with both fertility issues and a breast fibroid, Natty refused surgery of both of the removal tissues from her womb and breast fibroid and instead sought to heal herself at a very young age with no support and no guidance. When Natty became vegetarian at 16yrs she noticed a significant decrease in her menstrual issues and even received a diagnosis that she no longer has abnormal cervical cells! Years later, after developing a healthier vegan diet Natty noticed a more significant and complete improvement in her menstrual period, with no pain and only four day periods.

Natty spent six months travelling on a soul searching retreat throughout L.A., Key West and Florida while studying fertility, fibroids and women’s health. Upon returning to Georgia, Natty also unintentionally, completely dissolved her fibroid in just one summer of sticking to a routine she created for herself, involving a much healthier plant-based vegan diet, feminine selfcare exercised and daily mindset practices. She discovered her fibroid no longer existed and realized the only thing she had changed was practicing her routine she created for herself after returning from her trip.

Natty believes her lifestyle, diet choices and approach using feminine routines and living close to nature has helped her achieve optimal fertility and become fibroid free. She also believes that had she not had menstrual issues when she got her first period, had fibroids and healed her womb that she may have had issues with uterine fibroids and getting pregnant like so many other Black women today. This has influence her to develop a special interest in focusing on helping women with fibroids who are trying to conceive.

Natty also knows from her research that it doesn’t have to take other women years to achieve increase their chances of conception or reverse fibroids. Natty’s journey and experience healing her own womb and fibroid helped her realize she could help other women suffering in silence to heal their womb and fibroids too and to increase their chances of conception so they can have happy wombs and healthy children like her.

What You’ll Get:

  • 1 60-min. Live Technique Tutorial/ week
  • 2 90-min. Live Q&A Support Session/ week
  • Min. 1 Pre-Recorded Self-Study Lessons/ week
  • Weekly Workbooks & worksheets
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Digital Planner

Choose from 3 Options to Join Now!

Get started now for Single One-time $997 

Option 2

3 monthly deposits of Only $367

Option 3

6 Bi-weekly deposits of Just $198

When does the Course Start Date?

My Launch dates are March 20th

How is the Course material delivered?

I will deliver it Live with Zoom with email support and on a course platform like Thinkific

What makes this Course different?

I will be doing live lessons and routines with them twice per week as a group (similar to, live Lectures & study hall) plus teach a new training theory weekly in Thinkific. I will be offering individual Coaching support in the back end teaching individual techniques (i.e., just womb massages for 12-24 weeks 1:1),

Why am I creating this Course?

I’m helping women learn & implement 12 different fertility techniques to improve their womb and eggs health at home so the,y can have something in place to increase their fertility

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