Getting pregnant after 35 naturally? Is it too late? | 5 Signs it’s NOT too late for you to get pregnant


If you found this blog, you’ve probably been feeling that it’s too late for me to get pregnant at 35 and over.


If you’re wondering whether getting pregnant over 35 is too late, you’re probably feeling some strong emotions for why you feel that way. 


Maybe you feel like you waited too long because you’ve heard someone say it’s selfish to get pregnant in your late 30’s or 40’s. Or perhaps you feel that you don’t deserve to get pregnant anymore for other reasons.


Or you may have fertility issues and don’t trust your body can heal itself. You may have even experienced recurrent miscarriages and so you feel like it’s just not meant to be.


Well I want to tell you that you’re wrong Sis! And I’m going to give you five signs that it’s not too late to get pregnant in this blog.


You Have ABSOLUTE Permission To Feel That Way


But I want you to know that your feelings are still very valid and you should not feel guilty or ashamed for thinking or feeling this way.


It’s okay to not trust your body if you’ve been dealing with fertility issues and your body isn’t doing what you want it to do.


It’s okay to regret waiting so long if you chose a career over motherhood. There can actually be some benefits to waiting till your late 30’s and 40’s to getting pregnant.


And, no, you’re not crazy for wanting a baby even if you’re over 45!


If you feel strongly about any of these things, there is probably a reason why–which shouldn’t be ignored.


Whether you believe this because of prior miseducation you learned in school, misinformation you heard in the media or because of self-doubt, or because of all you’ve been through…


…It’s still a good idea to embrace each one of these strong emotions and dig deeper into why you feel or think that way.


There is always a reason, and it might not be true.


Bottom line is this…


Don’t let something like a false stereotype stop you from getting pregnant naturally and being a mother at any age.



1. You Still Get Your Period



Getting a regular period is a good indicator that it’s not too late for you to get pregnant naturally. If you still get a menstrual period every 21 – 35 days then that’s a sign that your hormones are functioning normally. 


This means that you’re estrogen, progesterone, LH and FSH are likely rising and falling at the right times and that your uterine lining is building and shedding itself like clockwork.


A regular period ranging from about 2 to 7 days is a good sign that you have a healthy luteal and follicular phase as well as an ovulation phase.


However, if you have irregular periods or if your periods are shorter than 21 days, it could indicate that you have a short luteal phase. Likewise, a cycle longer than 35 days may indicate that you might have PCOS or other fertility issues like amenorrhea, or missing periods. 


If you have any of the issues, you should get them checked out to rule out possible causes.

2. You Still Ovulate



Signs that you are ovulating regularly are another good indication that it’s not too late for you to conceive beyond 35. Good egg quality, a thickened uterine lining and ovulation are the three main ingredients to signs of amazing fertility!


A positive ovulation test is probably the easiest way to tell if you are ovulating. However, your body gives you lots of signs that occur during the time you’re ovulating such as sustained basal body temperature, ovulation pain (or mittelschmerz), increased cervical mucus and increased sexual desire to name a few.


If you have any of these ovulation symptoms of positive ovulation tests about a week prior to having your menstrual cycle, there is a good chance that you can still conceive even over 35 years old.


However, if you’re not ovulating regularly, suffer anovulation or PCOS, there is still a possibility that you can reverse these symptoms with natural fertility methods.


If you’re just not noticeably ovulating based on these methods, I would still get it checked out to rule out menopause or other potentially reversible causes.

3. You Still Have All Your Reproductive Organs



Did you know that your womb never ages? If you still have all your reproductive organs including your uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes and you menstruate and ovulate regularly, it’s definitely not too late for you to get pregnant naturally. 


If all your reproductive structures are still intact, you really should be fine. You may need to do some toning of your reproductive muscles so they can sustain a pregnancy, since the older you get the more you may become less active, which can affect the integrity of your reproductive organs.


Even if you only have one fallopian tube, you can still conceive because your remaining tube catches the egg released by either ovary. And if you only have one ovary, it does double duty by releasing an egg each month.


If your tubes are blocked due to scar tissue or fluid (hydrosalpinx), for example, you may be able to unblock them with natural fertility methods or other surgical methods.


However, if you have all your organs, but your fallopian tubes are tied, I would suggest consulting with your doctor about tubal ligation, or untying your tubes.

4. You’re Still Healthy



If you are a woman who is generally healthy and in good shape, chances are, it’s not too late to get pregnant! 


If you’re not suffering from cold and flu every other month, you’re not on a ton of prescription meds, if you can walk, run, jog, if you don’t suffer any type of chronic debilitating or life-threatening diseases, you probably have a great shot at getting pregnant over 35.


I want to note that just because you have pcos, endometriosis, fibroids or other fertility issues, does not mean it’s too late. You can actually reverse many fertility issues with natural fertility methods. But there is a close connection between infertility and being too unhealthy to conceive.


So if you are always sick, are regularly scheduling doctor’s appointments for injury or illnesses or making frequent trips to the hospital, it’s probably a good idea to focus on getting healthier before trying to conceive.

5. You’re Willing To Improve You Diet And Lifestyle



One of the best signs that it’s not too late for you to get pregnant is if you are willing to take the time and make the necessary changes to improve your diet and lifestyle. If you are mentally willing and prepared to conceive then half the battle is already won.


Getting pregnant naturally requires that your body be in relatively good shape to handle a growing fetus. Your body must also be able to handle the postpartum phase so you can nurture yourself and baby afterwards.


Even if you’ve suffered from the infertility issues I’ve mentioned in this blog, if you menstruate, ovulate, have all your reproductive organs, are healthy and are committed to improving your situation, then neither your age, nor your past circumstances disqualify you from being able to conceive.


If you give your body the time and space it needs to prepare for pregnancy then it’s not too late for you simply because of your age, career choices, fertility issues or previous miscarriages.


Give Yourself PERMISSION!


So as you see, getting pregnant after 35 naturally is not too late for many reasons. You probably have an incredible chance of getting pregnant if you can start to see things differently–and even if you don’t. 


While you may still have strong emotions for why you felt it was too late to get pregnant, acknowledging your feelings and forgiving yourself is a positive step you can take so you can move forward on your fertility journey.


You ARE Worthy Sis!


You are so worthy of having a baby and being a mother. 


You can overcome fertility issues.


You can improve your egg quality.


You can regulate, restore and stimulate menstruation and ovulation naturally.


You deserve to get and stay pregnant and hold your baby and be a mother!


And if age is the only reason you felt it was too late to get pregnant, I could have told you from the start–age is just a number!


Take action to Prepare your body to conceive now


So don’t let how old you are or miseducation, misinformation, stereotypes or self-doubt stop you from conceiving. Instead, use that energy and time to start doing what your need to do to prepare your body for conception.


Now that you know these 5 signs it’s not too late for you to get pregnant, what do you think? Leave your comment or questions below.


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