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Nattassia Wynter

what if I told you there was a better way…

I started Nattassia Wynter Fertility because I know what its like to struggle with fertility issues and fear never conceiving a baby! From trying anything and everything to looking for overnight solutions!

I suffered long, heavy and painful periods since I was only nine, developed a breast fibroid at fourteen and by sixteen, I was scheduled to have surgery on my womb for abnormal cervical cells. I knew there had to be a better way and managed to heal my abnormal cervical cells. But still kept trying anything and everything, for my fibroid and long painful periods.

I spent an entire 6 month road trip studying fertility on beaches until I developed a fertility strategy that gave me three major breakthroughs in less than three months! I reduced my long painful periods to just three painfree days, shrunk my fibroid for good and I could finally tell when I ovulated which helped me conceive my son in one cycle in my 30’s!

Now I show women and couples, like you, how to improve their fertility and egg quality so you can have a baby with your own eggs!

Meet Natty
Hey Sis! So Good to Meet You!

Hiii! I’m Nattassia! Natural Fertility Coach & Herbalist 

My name is Nattassia, but you can call me Natty. I’m a Fertility Coach, specializing in natural remedies and ancient feminine practices women have used to heal and maintain fertility for centuries.

I help women like you optimize their fertility with the healing power of mindset, nature, acknowledging our femininity and regular routines.

I believe we are meant to be fertile forever, like men but sexier, and not suffer infertility or menstrual pain because of things like fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS or all that other crap.













































Meet Natty

Enhance Your Fertility

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