8 oz Ovu Yoni Steam

8 oz Ovu Yoni Steam


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8 oz Ovu Yoni Steams (16 Steams) $98.00

Yoni steams to promote ovulation and PCOS elimination, reduce pain, lighten and regulate menstrual periods.

OVU is a semi-customized blend to support women with general symptoms that reflect anovulatuon, poor egg quality, pcos, irregular menstrual periods and period paid

We offer custom yoni steam blends to meet your unique needs. If you think you need herbs more specificĀ  to you unique fertility issues, please request a 100% custom blend HERE.

Each batch of herbs are hand made and never orderd from third-party suppliers.

We use only 100% certified OrganicĀ  Herbs:

Raspberry - Strengthen uterus; Astringent properties reduce pain

Holy Basil -

Licorice -

Tribulus -

Cinnamon -

Saw Palmetto -

White Peony Root -

Rose -

Ingredients: Organic Raspberry, Organic Holy Basil, Organic Organic Licorice, Organic Tribulus, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Saw Palmetto, Organic White Peony Root & Organic Rose.


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