Maca Capsules

Maca Capsules


30 caps – 120 caps maca root

Size 00 vegetable capsules

Origin: Himalaya

Maca is a well known fertility herb used to promote fertility naturally in women.

Maca is an adaptogens herb that helps your body deal with stress, reducing its effect on your reproductive hormones.

This tonic herb not only helps to restore reproductive hormones to their optimal balance, but also helps your body make the necessary hormones necessary for natural conception to occur.

An example of maca's benefits is that it helps to increase luteinizing hormone (LH) which supports regular ovulation.

Maca powder comes from the root of an underground tuber that grows in the Himalayan mountains. Maca can be taken in smoothies, tea or capsules.

Enjoy maca regularly for added energy to further boost your fertility naturally.

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30 Caps, 90 caps, 120 Caps


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