3 Ways Tapping into Your Femininity helps Improve your Egg Quality Naturally?

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On March 1, 2022

Do you ever feel like you’re working against yourself while trying to improve your egg quality?

Like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back?

You’re willing to do whatever it takes but in the back of your mind you’re saying, “OMG! Why is improving your fertility so hard?”

Well I can’t answer that…(and I do in this video)!

So here’s the thing…

For one, trying too hard is a really masculine approach.

As a woman things flow easier for us when we operate in our feminine nature.

There is just a special element about femininity that very closely relates to women’s fertility because we’re simply built differently and we need to embrace that.

Don’t get me wrong…

Being feminine doesn’t mean that you prance around in pink high heels, or looking cute (although it can).

It really has a lot more to do with how you approach your strategy, or should I say the lack of a strategy.

But it’s not just your strategy…

I wish I could say it was just the methods you use, your routine, and how you do it…

But increasing fertility in a way that doesn’t feel so hard is much deeper than that.

The formula for improving egg quality that doesn’t feel like torture boils down to the your approach.

Then and only then does the type of fertility strategy and routine you use matter.

In other words, what matters more is your intention behind your fertility strategy, routine or methods.

So what I’m telling you {$name} is that YOU get to create and/ or choose an approach that ISN’T hard.

Yes! That’s a choice you actually get to make!

You CAN choose that improving your fertility is an enjoyable process!

One filled with fun, femininity, enlightenment and deep trust in your body to do what it was designed to do.

And it starts with not feeling like you’re a victim of infertility and claiming your innate fertility, whether you have high or low fertility right now.

The best way to do that to me is to truly infuse as much femininity into your fertility routine as necessary.

If you want to know How Tapping Into Your Femininity Can Naturally Help You Improve Your Egg Quality And Overall Fertility I have a lovely video for you to watch.

Check out 3 Ways a Feminine Fertility Routine Improves Egg Quality HERE

  • Relaxing/ reduces stress
    • balance/ regulate hormones beneficial for egg quality
    • Reduce cortisol’s effects on egg quality
    • Decrease fight or flight
    • Transitions to feed and breed
    • Overall beneficial for fertility
  • Connects to body/ womb center
    • Chance to get intune with self/ nature
    • Understand body and egg quality more
    • Increases confidence/ trust in body
  • More rewarding
    • Increases fertility awareness
    • More healthier, fun and interesting approach of increasing low egg quality
    • Less painful than IVF/ IUI for low egg quality treatment
    • Results longer lasting on egg quality
I like to work smarter and play wiser.

I’m so not here for any added pain, stress or meds.

?? For one, Who knows what they put in that stuff?

?? And for two, if improving fertility is going to take a while, you might as well enjoy the ride!

That’s why I create my coaching programs to be fun, feminine and fertile.

Because I certainly don’t want to spend 3-12 months making anyone feel sad about their fertility journey.

And you don’t have to subject yourself to torture, just to conceive a baby.

With the right fertility routine, you can…

??Learn how to read your body and fertility better.

??Reconnect with your yoni Feminine healing power.

??Raise your chi levels to improve your egg quality naturally.


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5 steps to

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