Beyond the AMH Test: Do I need an AMH Test for LowEgg Quality? Why Your AMH Test Isn’t the Final Word on Egg Quality

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On March 23, 2024

Don’t do an image test to determine if you have low quality. So if you’re over 35 and you think you need to do an AMH test because it’s going to tell you whether you have low Egg quality or if you think that doing an AMH test is somehow going to improve your egg quality or if you think that an AMH test is going to, you know, tell you anything about your egg quality, make sure to watch this video. But also make sure to search this blog topic-this video topic on my blog at nattassiawynter.com/blog to learn more about this topic.


Okay, so in this video, I just wanna sort of explain what an AMH test is cause I wanna stop talking about AMH because it doesn’t really serve that much. However, an image test is well there’s a purpose I will show, I’ll tell you in this video but an AMH test is a test that your OBGYN is going to do, is a blood test that your OBGYN does, and it helps to give an estimate or to assume how many egg cells that you have left.


Okay, the AMH test–it measures your AMH levels are your anti-mullarian hormones, okay, and the unit of measure is in nanograms over milliliters so in 1 ng over ML. Okay, and so it only measures between one ng or 1 nanogram over ML to 9 nanograms over ML, okay so nothing below that and nothing above that to 9 nanograms over ML, okay so nothing below that and nothing above that to 9 nanograms over ML.


Okay so you can see that it is definitely not a broad spectrum test, okay um, it’s also if you do have anything over 9 nanograms the good thing about an AMH test is that it can indicate that you have PCOS and PCOS is not good because it can prevent your egg from ovulating.


Now back to the measurement of this AMH test, the other thing your AMH test is not going to do is not going to measure any larger eggs because those eggs are mature and they’re getting ready to ovulate so it’s not even focused on that, you know those, those kinds of eggs, it’s really measuring the eggs at your pre-antral phase, Sorry, your small antral phase, okay um, and so there’s that. it’s not measuring all your eggs, it’s just measuring some eggs that are coming out of dormancy, okay um, and so again it’s not an exact science. it’s not even been used for that long, and it is just used to assume or to guess or to determine how many eggs you have left and it doesn’t really say much about your egg quality, right so if you feel like maybe your doctor has used your AMH test in order to tell you that, you know, donor eggs are your only option or to sort of suggest IVF or even freezing your eggs, you do have a lot of other options okay and you don’t need to use an AMH test to determine that you have poor egg quality cause it doesn’t do that at all but this is something that I hear that you know is happening right um so again it says nothing about your egg quality. There are ways you can improve your egg quality and your AMH fluctuates from month to month. So if you want to learn more make sure to check out my Fertile Woman Activation Class and you’ll learn more about how to improve your egg quality. Or you can download my 5 Ways to Improve Egg Quality for Women Over 35 Naturally. and the link is in the bio!

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