Ginger Benefits of Using Ginger in your Fertility Cleanse Routine for your Womb

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On March 27, 2020

So you’re thinking of trying ginger because of all the fertility benefits of ginger that you’ve heard.

Or maybe you’re really wondering whether ginger warms up your womb and how warming up your womb boosts fertility.

Or you’re here because you want to do a fertility cleanse for your womb and you want to learn how ginger helps you cleanse your uterus or liver.

Well grab your notebook and some ginger tea because I’m going to show you why ginger needs to be added to your new fertility routine starting today!

Ginger was one of the foods I used as an herb to shrink my fibroid and increase my fertility before I had my last baby.

I used ginger every day in my morning fertility routine that I created for myself.

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Ginger Benefits of Using Ginger in your Fertility Cleanse Routine for your Womb
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I know you can’t wait to learn all the benefits of ginger, but first I want to share more of my experience with ginger and why I’m writing this blog today.


I come from a Jamaican family where ginger is like a staple in our house. It’s used to make traditional sorrel, popular Jamaican Ginger Beer and used as tea with honey and lemon when you get sick.

We even have a treat called ‘drops’, which is delicious, but I cannot imagine it being good for you to try if you’re reading this for fertility, because it’s coconut pieces literally dropped in melted sugar which holds it together as it caramelizes.

Tempting. But maybe not so cleansing for fertility.

When its not in use, it just sits in the fridge or on the counter waiting to get chopped or grated into the next ‘hot Fiya dish’!

Okay, I’ll stop there before I start typing in patois.

But here is the one downside of growing up in a household with fertility foods sitting around just because…

I had no clue what the benefits were, other than ginger being good for colds.

But ginger is good for more than just colds and creating my fertility herbs course taught me why it was so beneficial for shrinking my fibroid and helping me get pregnant…

Creating that course also taught me that I didn’t use ginger enough.

Ginger Benefits of Using Ginger in your Fertility Cleanse Routine for your Womb
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You probably aren’t using enough ginger either, so now let me tell what the benefits of ginger are for fertility.

Ginger Supports Egg Health & Egg Fertilization

Ginger is high in antioxidants which helps neutralize free radicals that can cause cell damage to follicle cells. This action helps protect ovaries and eggs from oxidative damage & stress.

A study of rats taking 100mg ginger showed significant increase in follicle count. Ginger in your fertility routine may replace ovulation stimulating drugs.

When doing a cleanse to promote ovulation, seriously consider using ginger.

Ginger Warms The Uterus

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ginger is used to warm the uterus when a woman is trying to get pregnant. In TCM a cold uterus may cause infertility and is believed to not be hospitable for a growing baby.

Ginger is also used during menstruation to warm up the uterus to encourage regular menstrual flow and prevent blood clotting.

Signs that you may have a cold uterus include dark purple or black menstrual blood.

If you think you have a cold uterus, adding ginger to your routine and avoiding excessive sweating, cold foods, raw foods, anything that makes you cold may help you conceive naturally.

Ginger Reduces Menstrual Pain

Ginger is good for pain which may be beneficial if you have painful fibroids, endometriosis or cysts that cause pain.

Ginger helps reduce the intensity and duration of menstrual pain. It may even help reduce osteoarthritis pain.

Starting a longterm cleansing diet by consuming ginger regularly may help reduce menstrual pain for good.

Ginger Reduces Swelling & Inflammation

Ginger contains an anti-inflammatory compound called zingerone, paradol, shogoal.

Ginger helps manage inflammation and is anti-inflammatory. It may also lower blood sugar and blood pressure which may be beneficial if you have PCOS.

You may also benefit from fibroids that cause swelling and inflammation.

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Ginger Benefits of Using Ginger in your Fertility Cleanse Routine for your Womb
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Ginger Increases Circulation

Cleansing with ginger helps increase oxygen and stimulates blood circulation in your body.

Ginger can increase blood circulation to
your reproductive organs. Which promotes healthy sweating to clear toxins from cells in your womb, vagina and fertility organs.

Creating a fertility regimen where you consume ginger often can help improve circulation in your womb especially if you have uterine fibroids.

Ginger Promotes Gut health

Ginger is also cleansing for fertility because it aids digestion, boosts metabolism, invigorates the digestive system.

Ginger also supports liver function providing a gentle detox to your liver and reproductive organs.

Lastly using fermented ginger, like the popular Jamaican ginger beer, increases bioavailability from the ginger and other foods you eat or do your fertility cleanse with.

Safety and Disclaimer

Keep in mind that ginger may counteract with blood thinning medication or diabetes medication used for women with PCOS. Use with caution during preconception & pregnancy.

And Sis, don’t mistake any of this info with medical advice, a cure or treatment for any medical condition. I’m not a doctor and don’t subscribe to any of that stuff…not even cures.

I only encourage you to live a healthy ancestral feminine lifestyle like a Goddess, eating natural plant-based foods and herbs and having a positive mindset about your womb and fertility.

One of the best ways to cleanse your womb is to use or consume ginger in your fertility cleanse or fertility routine.

So now I got you up to speed on some of the benefits of ginger and you don’t have to wait forever to learn about this fertility herb like I did.

I’m Sooo proud of you Sis! Now that you know more about ginger, help me help you better by answering a few questions in the comment section below or check out my challenges, lessons or upcoming courses…

What’s your biggest challenge when doing a fertility cleanse or with creating a fertility routine for yourself? How do you use ginger? Share your favorite recipe in the comments section below.

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What do you eat to improve your digestion or warm your uterus up? Do you have any inflammatory fertility issues like fibroids, pcos, or endometriosis? What are you doing to reduce fibroids, etc?

What are you using for menstrual pain? Are you taking ovulation stimulating medication or diabetes meds for PCOS? How are your prescriptions and fertility appointments being affected by the Coronavirus shutdowns?

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