3 TCM Herbs to Support Menstrual Your Phase

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On January 25, 2023

3 TCM Herbs to Support Menstrual Your Phase

You probably heard about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how TCM fertility herbs can help you regulate your cycles and improve your fertility, egg quality and more. If so, are you thinking about TCM but don’t know what herb can help regulate your menstrual cycle? And even better, are you looking for ways to regulate your menstrual cycle naturally so you can conceive a baby in the near future? 

Great, because, if you’re over 35 and trying to conceive naturally but you have irregular cycles, I’m so glad you found this blog because I’m going to share how you can use traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) fertility herbs to regulate your menstrual cycle and improve your fertility naturally.

So if you’ve been struggling to conceive and have been dealing with irregular cycles for a while, my aim in this blog is to help guide you through why that might be and offer some solutions such as three Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) fertility herbs that can help regulate your menstrual phase. 

If you’re new to fertility herbs or TCM herbs, don’t worry, there’s no need to be intimidated by fertility herbs and in fact, 

I’ve created a fertility herbs guide to help you begin to learn how you can start using fertility herbs in your fertility plan to start improving your fertility and especially, egg quality, naturally. 

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You’re probably wondering, why you need to regulate your menstrual cycle if you’re trying to conceive. So before I share about the three TCM fertility herbs for your menstrual phase that can help regulate your menstrual cycle, it’s important to understand why you need a regular menstrual cycle in the first place!

So here’s the thing, the woman’s reproductive system is a bio-feedback system. That simply means that, in order to ovulate regularly, you need to have a regular menstrual cycle and vice versa. So if you have an irregular menstrual cycle, you probably aren’t ovulating regularly, (or at all Sis!) Not only that, you might not even be having a real period when you do bleed. 

I know, that’s probably not what you are expecting to hear. But the reality is that an irregular menstrual cycle, or any phase of the cycle is a sign that your reproductive system is trying to send a message to you to tune things up. And that’s where fertility herbs, or in this case TCM herbs can be of great service.

I’ll tell you what those herbs that can assist you during your menstrual phase are in just a bit, but next, let’s explore how herbs are able regulate your cycle, because at one point, even I was boggled by this question.


Alright so in the simplest way, without making this blog any longer than it has to me, fertility herbs can act like hormones that connect with tiny receptors on your reproductive organs and tissues. For example, phytoestrogens bind to estrogen receptors on your womb and can stimulate certain actions in your body, similar to how hormones can. In other words, herbs can balance or regulate your hormones. 


Lastly, because I know, you’re also likely wondering, well what are fertility herbs? A fertility herb is simply a group of herbs that have an effect on your reproductive system, often because they can act as hormones, but sometimes, because they can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, which brings us closer to the three herbs to regulate your menstrual phase that this blog is about.


Just to give you a real life example of how irregular cycles can affect your fertility and how fertility herbs can support you, take PCOS or low egg quality for example. 

Not getting your period is common for women with PCOS. What’s also common in women with PCOS, is not ovulating regularly, or anovulation. 

Likewise women with low egg quality may experience pcos-like symptoms, like not ovulating  from time to time, yet having what seems like a ‘regular cycle’ when it may not be the case. Both  PCOS and poor egg quality often go hand in hand as many factors that contribute to PCOS also affect egg quality.

On the other hand, when you address the underlying issues that cause either PCOS or low egg quality, you can not only regulate your menstrual and ovulation phases, but can resolve these two conditions altogether.

Finally, if you have low egg quality, PCOS, anovulation, or amenorrhea, scant or missing periods and you’re trying to conceive, then it’s helpful to regulate your cycle. Once again, regulating your cycle so you are getting your periods, helps you to also ovulate so you can conceive.

Ready for the three Traditional Chinese Medicinal fertility herbs that can be used to support your menstrual phase or promote your menstrual periods?

Here are 3 TCM Herbs to Support Menstrual Your Phase and how:

  1. Licorice Root
  • Stimulates uterus
  • Regulate periods
  1. Dong Quai Root
  • increases blood flow to uterus
  • improves blood circulation to ovaries
  1. Ginger Root
  • Stimulates uterine contractions
  • regulates periods

3 TCM Herbs to Support Menstrual Your Phase
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Watch the video To learn more about what these three TCM herbs are (be sure to  to the end!)

As controversial as it may seem, getting your period is important if you want to conceive naturally because your body produces hormones during your periods that help trigger ovulation to later occur. Likely ovulating regularly produces hormones that will later promote menstrual periods. And getting your periods, even if you are trying to conceive is a good sign that your body is functioning as it should.

Regulating your menstrual phase of your cycle so you are getting your period if you have low egg quality, PCOS, amenorrhea, scant or missing periods is one step that can help you conceive naturally.

Now that you know which three TCM fertility herbs can help you regulate your menstrual phase naturally, why you need to regulate your menstrual cycle and what herbs are and how they work, I’d like to invite you to explore fertility herbs more in my fertility herbs masterclass

To learn more about natural fertility solutions and how they can help you improve your fertility or egg quality, grab your copy of my Fertility Herbs Guide HERE

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Which one of these TCM fertility herbs have you used? What do you think about this?

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