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Wanna Know If You Can Still Conceive Naturally?
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Hiii! I’m Nattassia! As a Natural Fertility Coach I help busy women in tech reverse years of infertility without pain, meds or stress.

My approach is natural, holistic and all about increasing fertility as fast as possible while still embracing your femininity and having fun to reduce the stress of waiting to conceive.

I’ll help you restore your fertility by getting to the root of why you cannot conceive yet and give you the strategies, tools and guidance you need to stay accountable so you can conceive your baby.


I help busy women in tech improve egg quality, shrink fibroids & increase fertility naturally to conceive a baby faster…

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Signature Coaching Program

Prioritize your fertility and improve egg quality! Fully prepare your body for conception, uncover the root of your fertility issues, reduce the effects of stress on your egg quality and increase your chances of conception.

Get lifelong skills to maintain fertility for years, so you can get pregnant naturally using my proven strategies.


Group Membership Program

Learn how to improve your fertility and reduce fertility issues.

Get valuable skills about your menstrual cycle and strategies to regulate your periods and ovulation. Practice real natural fertility methods.

Get live monthly support to prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically to conceive faster.


Natural Fertility Products

Balance your hormones, start your fertility cleanse or supplement your fertility diet to reduce underlying fertility issues, shrink fibroids, open blocked tubes, regulate ovulation and bring on menstrual cycle. 

Choose from a range of semi-customized yoni steams & herbal teas, herbal supplements or get my recipe books!

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Regulate Your Cycle
Learn about your menstrual cycle and strategies to regulate your periods and ovulation.
Improve Your Fertility
Practice natural fertility methods to improve your chances of conception naturally.
Conceive Your Baby
Get personalized support to prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically to conceive faster.

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About Natty

My name is Nattassia, but you can call me Natty. I’m a Fertility Coach, specializing in natural remedies and ancient feminine practices women have used to heal and maintain fertility for centuries.

I help women like you optimize their fertility with the healing power of mindset, nature, acknowledging our femininity and regular routines.

I believe we are meant to be fertile forever, like men but sexier, and not suffer infertility or menstrual pain because of things like fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS or all that other crap.

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