How I Got Lucky With My First Basal Body Thermometer

So I’m so excited I finally got a Basal body thermometer. I really never thought was going to be able to afford one of these.

I’ve been seeing prices about Basal body thermometers costing $50 $60, and I just didn’t really think that was something that was within my budget or that I wanted to spend money on…to the point that I was almost determined to exclusively check my cervical fluid and cervical position and try to observe other fertility signs that aren’t mentioned in books such as taking charge of your fertility.

I was almost determined to try to find indigenous, natural, non-tech, African ways of tracking my fertility and I’m still all for it but I’m just excited that was actually able to get a thermometer so I can see how this thing works and be able to share with you.

So please check the video out on my journey in acquiring this affordable Basal Body Thermometer and I will keep you posted on how it works and how I’m using it.

It all started when I was waiting for someone in a Walmart parking lot. It was hot and the A/C wasn’t doing it for me. So I decided to go in the store, but on the way there I found a wad of cash just sitting on the ground in the parking lot right under the cameras. You would think somebody else in the parking lot or store would have seen the bundle of money underneath the cameras but it obviously it was meant for me to find this money considering that the last time I went to Walmart I was not able to get the basal body thermometer that I thought was only $0.88.

So being that it was my lucky day and all I snatched up that cash and marched on into Walmart to victory. I knew I was going to be able to walk out with a Basal body thermometer without having to dent my pocket since most of them are very expensive especially for glass Basal body thermometers.

I hope this can be somewhat uplifting for some of you sisters who may be watching and maybe seeing how budgeting for a Basal body thermometer was just not part of your plan.

However even if you weren’t as lucky as I was, doing treatment such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) are intrauterine insemination (IUI) is going to cost you way more than the cost of a Basal body thermometer.

But one thing I can let you in on is that I have been attracting a basal body thermometer to me through manifestations such as journaling and writing and talking about basal body thermometers in my videos as well as reading about them and just, you know, meditating on them periodically.

It goes to show that if you really want something that you can get it and the same goes for wanting a baby.

If you really want a baby you can also birth one. You don’t necessarily have to obsess over having a baby, just like I didn’t obsess over wanting a basal body thermometer.

But once you put that out into the into the universe the universe will respond by giving you exactly what you want or need.

I hope this was encouraging and motivating for you women to take affirming what you want into your life more seriously without letting it take over your life.

What are some amazing things that you are manifesting into your life right now?

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