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Learning to know when you ovulate to increase Black fertility is one of the most empowering abilities of being a Black woman.

However, knowing when you ovulate is not just for women trying to get pregnant. It elevates you from just being a girl into being a fully conscious, self-aware woman.

You should take the time at least once in your life to learn how to know when you are ovulating. But knowing when you ovulate is not just as simple as picking a day on your calendar.

Knowing the difference between the ovulation myths and ovulation facts can make all the difference when trying to increase your fertility. Once you learn the basic you can better appreciate being able to detect when you truly are ovulating to know when you are most fertile.

Before you can truly determine when you ovulate, it helps to know when your aren’t ovulating. Better still, it helps to know the ovulation myths and misinformation floating around.

Being able to make better decisions about your fertility puts Black fertility back in your hands.

You may have heard about a lot of different methods about how to determine when you ovulate, such as the Rhythm Method. One of the biggest myths about this ovulation method is the idea that every woman ovulates on the 14th day of her cycle.

To add to this misconception, you may have also heard that every woman has a 28-day cycle. So if you are doing everything to try to get pregnant, but usually have sexual intercouse on the 14th day of your cycle, you might fall victim to believing you and/or your partner are infertile.

Many Black couples consciously trying to increase their fertility have relied on this misinformation that can be adding to the already lowering Black birth rates.

The Rhythm Method can have a very negative effect on your health and fertility if it leads you to having invasive surgeries that do nothing but line the pockets of the medical industry.

If you truly want to have a baby, knowing when you ovulate is going to help dramatically increase your chances of conception. Knowing that your body is different than other women’s bodies is reassuring if you’ve been told that something is wrong with you because you don’t have a cookie cutter 28-day cycle.

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The best way to know when you are ovulating is to use a combination of different methods. While the Rhythm Method is a start, there are far more accurate methods that contribute to a greater level of conception.

There are many fertility awareness methods such as the Basal Body Temperature method, the Vaginal Fluid method and the Pelvic Position method.

Combining these methods can have a dramatic effect on fertility, increasing your chances of conception up to 90% compared to the Rhythm Method.

These fertility methods focus on actual scientifically proven signs of ovulation versus general assumptions. For example, the Basal Body Temperature method is a means of taking your temperature each morning before you rise out of bed.

By doing this you can observe the differences in your body temperature to determine when you are ovulating, since your body temperature increases when you are releasing an egg.

The Vaginal Fluid method involves observing your vaginal fluid’s viscosity to tell when your body is ready to ovulate.

The Pelvic Position method will be explained in more depth in a later blog, but it involves feeling for the location, texture, and firmness of your cervix.

Quick Fertility Tip

Sometimes a woman’s uterus can be positioned in an unusual region of the pelvis making it harder to conceive. By doing massages and feeling for your uterus you can use this method to know if you need to do fertility yoga or other exercises to increase your fertility naturally.

Black fertility faces it’s own unique challenges as Black men and women are not generally regarded as having fertility problems and so aren’t always taken seriously when fertility issues arise.

Unlearning the myths you have been told about fertility can help prepare you to explore new methods of increasing your fertility naturally.

By using these different methods to observe when you are ovulating you are armed with a greater sense of your own natural response to factors that may affect your ability to conceive a beautiful Black baby.

If learning about these methods helps you in anyway or spark your interest please Book a Fertility Session or share this blog to help other Black men and women who are considering increasing their Black fertility.

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