How Fertility Herbs, Seeds & Moon Synching Can Boost Your Fertility & Replace Your Fertility Calendar Apps

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What if I told you there’s a way to increase fertility and balance hormones without the added stress of using fertility calendar apps?

Fertility Cycling with these herbs, foods and this planetary body is going to be your next biggest fertility aid on your journey to having a baby!

Since we’ve become more paperless, many women don’t know when their fertile period is or have a way to visually track when their next period is without an app.

As much as I don’t miss the days of broadcasting when I’m bleeding next on my room calendar for all who dare to see, I also don’t like relying on technology for things like this.

The problem is, we forget to use these apps, they’re just hard to use or are inaccurate.


They take your feminine power & intuition away!

Do you already know about fertility cycling and just want a quick checklist guide for your digital planner? Download this fertility cycling checklist.

When I was younger I used to notice that my period lined up with the full moon #redmooncycle. But before my last pregnancy, I noticed I would ovulate during The full moon #whitemooncycle.

So if you want to increase your fertility, balance your hormones, regulate your cycle and get more intune with your femininity, set Fertility Cycling as your next fertility goal.

Hopefully this blog can break down what fertility cycling is and encourage you to give it a try.

Fertility cycling is not usually one of the things I emphasize the sistahs who call me on my 1:1 fertility strategy calls to do. Mainly because it can seem complicated. But it’s really not and as you’ll see, you can make it as complex as you want.

The idea that you can synchronize your menstrual cycle with some seeds or regulate your ovulation with the moon is epic.

But doing them BOTH at the same time is just plain Phenomenal.

And what if I told you…

there’s a third way to balance and synchronizing your cycle with herbs?

Are you ready to learn how? Or did I lose you from the jump? Don’t worry! Keep reading to learn how Fertility Cycling can improve your fertility and chances of conception.

Finally, how about if you could do all three at the same time? Just imagine what difference that would make on your fertility goals?

Before we start, it’s a good idea to take notes in your journal of your fertility goals, experiences and any achievements while doing this.

You may also first want to track your cycle to determine when you ovulate or menstruate or if you do either at all. If you don’t ovulate, tracking your basal body temperature may offer some clues was to where in your cycle you are.

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Moon synching aligns your cycle to the phases of the moon’s 29.5 day cycle. For this method, it helps to align your ovulation with the full moon instead of the new moon, since you’ll be using light to regulate your cycle.

If you naturally ovulate during the new moon, it’s not a negative thing, but this method either may not work as fast or accurately. If you plan on using light during the moon and then moonlight will likely shine on you again while you’re out running errands during the full moon, you may need to put more effort into harnessing your inner vampire.

The solution might be to get black light blocking curtains, like hotel curtains. But this may not work in the long run if you aren’t consistent. Or it just might take more lunar cycles to change


The short story is to sleep in complete darkness until the full moon. Then sleep with the lights on and for three night three nights (before, during or after the full moon) and have sex one or two of these nights. For the long story keep reading or skip to the seed cycling section.

Waning Moon

Start sleeping in complete darkness during the waning moon (between full moon and new moon). This is also a good time to prepare to wind down from all the high energy of the full moon and take notice of your manifestations.

New Moon

Continue sleeping in complete darkness, keeping that curtain extra snatched! The new moon is a optimal time to release and unload any baggage, disappointment, anger, hurt or grief either related or not to your fertility goals.

Sleep on the pitchest black darkness you can, again using dark black curtains.
You may want to create a routine or ritual of this by wearing red to signify your menstrual flow or or black to represent the new moon which also appears black.

Don’t sleep on those curtains!

One weekend I went to visit my godmother and I was shocked when I went into her room and saw she had new thick black curtains.

I knew she worked hard and needed her sleep, but theater stage-like, heavy, black curtains wouldn’t have been my first method of catching some Z’s.

When I was younger, she worked in the travel and tourism industry. It’s only all these years after studying fertility and travelling myself, that I realize she may have been on to something.

Maybe I haven’t been in enough dark castles but those hotel curtains are the real deal.

Waxing Moon

Continue sleeping in pitch darkness, harnessing your inner black goddess. Begin setting new fertility goals, intentions or revamping and re-launching your existing ones.

Full Moon

During the full moon, sleep for three nights with lights on. Have intercourse every other day/ night during nights with lights on.

Repeat these steps for several cycles until you get pregnant and or your cycle regulates on its own. The goal is to menstruate during the new moon and ovulate during the full moon so you won’t need those glitchy fertility apps that take up space on your phone and make you dependent on them.

You can continue moon synching if this is something that feels right for you

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Seed cycling synchronizes your fertility cycle when you consume certain oestrogen binding and progesterone binding seeds in rotation depending on the phases of your cycle. Theses seeds are also very rich in omega-3 and omega-6, which is necessary for a healthy pregnancy.


Follicular Phase

During first half or follicular phase, eat Flaxseed and pumpkin seeds to increase your estrogen.

Luteal Phase

Then, eat sunflower seeds and sesame seeds during luteal to boost progesterone.

The best way to be efficient at doing this until your cycle regulates, is to create a monthly or 26 – 35 day meal plan, depending on your cycle, that includes combinations of these seeds.

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Fertility herbs synchronize your cycle when you consume phytoestrogen herbs and phytoprogesterone herbs in rotation depending on you cycle phase.


Fertility herb cycling its not new, but many people don’t know that certain foods have estrogen or progesterone effects on the body.

We can use this to our advantage when trying to conceive just like how the estrogen in the pill (made from herbs btw) is used to stop you from ovulating or progesterone creams made from wild yam are used to help menopausal women from having hot flashes.

Follicular Phase

During your follicular phase, or from day 1 to ovulation or day 14 of your cycle, consume phytoestrogen herbs only.

Luteal Phase

During your luteal phase, or from ovulation (or day 14) to first day of your period, consume or ingest phytoprogesterone herbs only.

Repeat these steps until your cycle regulates on its own or you get pregnant naturally, providing you have intercourse when you’re ovulating. You will need to stop using certain herbs once you get pregnant to avoid miscarriage.

Similar to seed cycling, the best way to stay on your game is to have a fertility herbs strategy plan. For example, to make sure you’re taking the right herbs at the right time of your cycle, to know what herbs your are using and have enough of them portioned out to last each cycle.

If you’re not sure what herbs to use, Here’s Three options:

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Fertility cycling might be my own stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. It combines all three methods mentioned above to increase fertility by regulating ovulation and menstruation cycles with herbs, seeds, and the moon.

If you want to know the best way to combine all three methods Read here for How to do Fertility Cycling.

When done correctly, fertility cycling takes the stress out of not knowing when your next period is or the when you’re ovulating. It can also make the difference between whether your ovulate or menstruate at all, so you can have a beautiful baby.

In my opinion, fertility cycling works best if you plan to do it long term or for a minimum of 3 cycle:

  • by having the right herbs, curtains and creating a herbal or meal plan
  • by staying consistent; and
  • by keeping track of what changes are taking place to see if there is any improvement in regulating your cycle.

Which of these fertility regulating methods have you tried? What’s your favorite way to balance hormones, reduce stress or increase your sexuality? I usually respond the fastest the first 2 hours to 2 weeks after posting each blog. Do you have any questions? Comment below.

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