By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On November 26, 2019

Yoni steaming for fertility is an effective way to enhance and fast track your fertility naturally. Yoni steaming for fertility purposes, however, it is different than yoni steaming for other reasons, such as general feminine selfcare. 

When you are yoni steaming for fertility you need to pay special attention to what yoni steam herbs you use, when you are ovulating and how often you steam especially if you have infertility challenges like fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, polyps etc.

Read this blog to find out how yoni steaming for fertility differs from yoni steaming for general feminine selfcare. If you haven’t already, grab my FREE 9 Step Yoni Steaming For Fertility Checklist & Guide and pre-order your Premium Fertility Yoni Steams For Fibroids Blends HERE.


So Congratulations! You’re trying to conceive naturally and you’ve been hearing about this thing called yoni steaming, womb steaming or vaginal steaming. You want to know what it is and if it can work for you but you’re not sure about trying it because you also don’t know if you should be doing something like that to your vagina in the first place.

After all, for the last couple of years, doctors and medical professionals have been telling you that your vagina cleans itself and that you shouldn’t put anything in your vagina–except a penis and whatever the doctor himself wants to stick in you–talk about double standards. 

Except, you’ve been listening and yet, you still have fertility issues, things are going in your womb you didn’t put there and the only way to get them out is to take birth control, synthetic drugs, have a hysterectomy or some other invasive surgery and you haven’t even had a baby yet. How Sway?

Hold up! First of all, the vagina cleanse itself, but the womb doesn’t! And besides, has anyone ever explained “how” the vagina cleans itself? Because the last time I checked, I never got the memo! Did you? LOL! 

Ok, so let’s look at what this yoni steaming thing is a little deeper and more importantly, what steaming or fertility is.

Yoni steaming is the ancient feminine sefcare ritual hygiene practice of using medicinal herbs in hot water to allow the steam to clean, heal, tone and restore the woman’s reproductive organs. 

So what is the problem? Why don’t we all know about it? Well the short answer is due to slavery, racism, patriarchy and not practicing our ancestral African culture we have fogotten and lost a lot of our selfcare practices. Womb steaming, now called yoni steaming, is one of them.

Yoni steaming for general feminine hygiene is practiced all around the world by many women of African, Caribbean, Asian and indigeneous cultures including Maroons in Suriname. While it can be used for general hygiene, from day one of a new cycle right up until your next menses, yoni steaming for fertility requires a little more care and consideration.

Essentially, yoni steaming causes the vaginal and reproductive tissues to relax and contract as it tones, cleanses and gently improve circulation and blood flow to the region. This helps loosen tissues in the uterine walls, shed the uterine lining, release old (congealed) blood and dissolve fluid, puss, scar tissue and blockages from the tubes and ovaries. 

The result is usually better fertility, improved hormone regulation, healthier eggs and a regular, shorter, lighter, less painful periods,

But when you are trying to get pregnant and even if you are just trying to get rid of things like fibroids, you have to be a little more strategic. You cannot be yoni steaming here and there and expect to have optimal results. While yoni steaming once every six months for general upkeep as promoted on some sites can help you get pregnant, it may not be enough for your unique situation get the job done. 

Some reasons why yoni steaming might not work for you if you are doing it to get pregnant, eliminate fertility issues like fibroids, pcos, etc are because you are not using the best herbs, doing it enough or doing it long enough in terms of frequency.

When you are trying to get pregnant, you need to be even more strategic in making sure that you are using herbs that won’t impede fertility or make fibroids, endo or pcos get worse. You also need to ensure that you are not yoni steaming near or after the time when you ovulate and it’s also wise to yoni steam for more than one to two days out of the year.

To learn what herbs to use when yoni steaming for fertility, how often to yoni steam and for how long, keep reading.


I know that you are busy, so it’s important to let you know that using just any old yoni steam herbs is not making the best use of your time that you actually spend yoni steaming. The wrong herbs can even work against you in some cases.

While herbs like chamomile are great if you have menstrual cramps, some herbs are better for you to yoni steam with if your objective is to get pregnant. 

To make the best of your yoni steam ritual you should use herbs that increase circulation to the uterus and reproductive organs, promote ovulation, tone the uterus and extend the luteal phase.

Best herbs to use when yoni steaming for fertility are:

  • Herbs That Increase Circulation to Reproductive Organs
  • Herbs That Promote Ovulation
  • Herbs That Tone And Prepare Uterus
  • Herbs That Extend Luteal Phase

A list of yoni steaming herbs for each section is in my FREE 9 Step Yoni Steaming For Fertility At Home Checklist & Guide HERE and you also get a copy when you pre-order your Premium Fertility Yoni Steams For Fibroid.


Once you’ve got your herbs for fertility, you want to make sure that when you do yoni steam that are not steaming on days that would abort a viable pregnancy when you do conceive. This part can be a little trickier, but is still not hard and there is even a pretty fool-proof way to go about this. 

Ideally you want to avoid yoni steaming around your ovulation phase and during your luteal phase. 

So basically, you only want to yoni steam during your follicular phase to make sure you don’t steam an implanted fetus away. 

Most women don’t know when they ovulate and words like follicular and luteal sound like a different language. If it sounds like French to you don’t worry, below I’ve listed how to tell the difference so you can better plan your yoni steams. 

But this is why I highly suggest that you take a break from trying to conceive for three to six months if you can help it. Without the right yoni steaming plan in place it can be easy to want to indulge in this relaxing self care practice after you’ve already conceived.

Furthermore, yoni steaming also helps the body to shed toxins and a lot of moving around of old blood and tissue. Its just really not optimal to conceive even if you do get pregnant after the first try as your body can still decid–after conceptio–that its too close and result in a miscarriage. 

So its best to wait by treating yoni steaming like any other cleanse and give your body time to expel and remove all the unwanted stuff out first. Then build yourself back up afterwards with nourishing foods, herbs and activities.

If you still want to go ahead and give yoni steaming a try while trying to get pregnant at the same time, keep reading to find out the best way to go about that.

How to Avoid Yoni Steaming During Ovulation Phase?

The best way to avoid yoni steaming during your ovulation phase is to know when you ovulate and stop steaming a day or two before you ovulate. Time your intercouse for ovulation and watch for signs of implantation and pregnancy. Don’t resume yoni steaming until day one of your next cycle and repeat every month until you conceive. Please note, do not yoni steam at all if you had intercourse and think you may be pregnant.

How to Avoid Yoni Steaming During Luteal phase?

Your luteal phase occurs immediately after ovulation and can last for 12-14 days and stops when your menstruation begins. The reason you do not want to ovulate during this time is because if you did get pregnant, unless you’re tracking your ovulation, it could be hard to tell as it may not show up on a regular pregnancy test immediately. So yoni steaming after you’ve ovulated in this second half of your cycle could trigger contractions in your uterine wall that could cause a miscarriage. Again, do not yoni steam think you may be pregnant.

Why Avoid Yoni Steaming During Menstruation?

You want to also avoid yoni steaming during your menstrual cycle because yoni steaming can overwork you uterus during this time and cause you to bleed more than you have to or need to. Furthermore, bleeding is not always proof that you are not pregnant. Fibroids, pcos, and endometriosis, etc can all cause you to bleed outside of your menstrual cycle. It is not advised to yoni steam during your menses. Avoid yoni steaming if you think you may be pregnant.

Why Only Yoni Steam During Follicular Phase

Ideally you only want to yoni steam during your follicular phase, which lasts from about day one of your cycle to about day twelve to fourteen before you ovulate again. When you’re trying to get pregnant, your follicular phase is the best time to yoni steam because you not pregnant. The exception to this is if, like me you had a ‘period’ for the first two months even after you conceive. Again another reason it is best to take 3-6 months to prepare your body for pregnancy first instead of trying to do both at the same time. Because you just might not know from relying on your period alone. If you think you may be pregnant, do not yoni steam.


Now that you know when to yoni steam, the next thing to consider is how often and how long to yoni steam. Because, like we discussed, yoni steaming just once is not always enough to help you get pregnant naturally.

Yoni steaming doesn’t not have to take much out of your day and can fit into other similar activities like before or after you take a shower or bath. Adding a few extra minutes to your next shower routine can be all you need to fit yoni steaming into your already busy schedule so that you don’t even notice you just spent a whole 15 – 45 minutes on yourself–indulging in pure relaxation and bliss.

Casual Yoni Steaming

By now, you should know that casual yoni steaming as a fertility strategy is out of the question and we’re not going to be doing that alone. So if you have, and even if you haven’t, let’s start creating a yoni steaming routine and being a little more consistent with this ancient ritual. It’s not called a ritual for nothing, so let’s honor that by considering a short- and long-term steaming routine.

Short Term Yoni Steam Goals

So what is the best short term yoni steaming routine? That really depends on you. How much time you want to commit, how many days during your follicular phase you want to enjoy yoni steaming or if you are going to pause from actively having intercourse so that you can yoni steam during your ovulation and luteal phase too!

If you are only yoni steaming during your follicular phase you have 12 -14 days to decide when to do that. Pick about 1 – 2 days in that two week window and yoni steam on, or about, the same days each month. 

If you take time off actively trying to conceive, you can spread this out over your non-menstrual phase days and even steam 3 – 4 times a month since you know you won’t be pregnant.

It’s important to note that you want to listen to your body and do not want to over work your uterus by yoni steaming too much, too long, too soon. Space it out, give your body time to function on its own and take it slow. Get up if the steam is too hot and don’t steam during your menstrual cycle when your womb is already doing the most. 

If you need a simple calendar to help you plan your short term yoni steam routine grab my FREE 9 Step Yoni Steaming For Fertility At Home Checklist & Guide. If you have fibroids, you also get a copy when you pre-order your Premium Fertility Yoni Steams For Fibroids.

Long Term Yoni Steam Goals

By now, you’ve also noticed me state that 3 – 6 months is a good amount of time to spend just trying to optimize your fertility before you actively try to conceive by having timing intercourse for fertility. 

This is because, it has taken months if not years to build up toxins and layers of trapped tissues and scar tissue in your reproductive organs. So to expect that all to clear up overnight is not realistically enough time, but unfortunately is what some women expect when they say yoni steaming didn’t work for them.

It’s also because, as mentioned, you don’t want to run the risk of miscarrying an otherwise viable fetus because you couldn’t resist steaming and the herbs you were using caused your uterine muscles to contract. 

But it’s also because this is probably the last time you get to have your body all to yourself and give it all that it needs to be healthy and strong before your sacrifice it so another being can live inside of you for nine months. And although that sounds wonderful and its is, if you have things like fibroids, how comfortable is it going to be for you or your growing baby, taking up all the space in your womb and more for nine months?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking surgery is the ultimate solution either. Healing from a myomectomy to remove fibroids, for example, can take up to three months to heal from. Then, depending on the size and amount of fibroids you had, your chances of natural fertility can be eliminated altogether. 

Why not take the time that you would be healing from surgery, fretting over whether you should yoni steam while possibly pregnant, or struggling with recurrent miscarriages to actually create a yoni steam routine for yourself and then build yourself up so can carry a baby to term in a way that’s healthy for you and the baby?

Yoni Steaming is effective if you use the right herbs, avoid steaming during ovulation & your luteal phase and if you yoni steam for fertility regularly. Following a regular yoni steaming  for fertility routine can be quick and easy and doesn’t have to take long or be difficult at all.

For help creating a yoni steaming for fertility routine or to get personalized fertility support for your unique fertility goals or challenges, schedule a Free Fertility Clarity Call with me HERE.

Also, don’t forget to grab your FREE 9 Step Yoni Steaming For Fertility Checklist & Guide HERE.

And if you are trying to conceive but have Fibroids and want to try yoni steaming, try my Premium Fertility Yoni Steam Blends for fibroids specially formulated for women trying to conceive with fibroids.

I loved creating this blog and would love to create more for you. if you have any questions please comment below and if you have any topics you’d like me to cover or noticed any errors please feel free to email me at admin@nattassiawynter.com.

So what are your biggest take home message from this blog? Have you tried yoni steaming for fertility before? What was your experience yoni steaming? How often do you yoni steam? Why? And how does this blog help you on your journey?

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