5 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Not Being Able to get Pregnant

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On October 26, 2020
The fear of not being able to get pregnant is a very real problem for many women and young girls. It’s more common than we realize, and will only get worse with the declining global fertility rate even among Black women.

If you have a fear of not being able to get pregnant and you’re worried that you cannot conceive, I want you to share my story of how I used this fear to empower myself to take action…

If you want to also learn 5 wars of overcoming the fear of not being able to get pregnant, continue reading and I’ll also give you my helpful tips on how to overcome this reproductive fear.

I’ve always had this fear that I’d never conceive. While everyone was trying not to get pregnant without thinking twice, I was l worried about not being able to have a baby.

I questioned the consequences of the birth control I was taking at 13 yrs old so much that I came off it like a year later.

I even remember telling a nurse at a clinic when I was just 14 that I was ready to have a baby to just get the pressure off and the urge everyone was fighting so hard, out of my system.

Why, because I was tired of being in that clinic, I was so anxious about them always doing tests and finding something wrong with me that threatened my chances of conception in the future.

I was afraid of all the anti-pregnancy propaganda and scare tactics there, at school and in the media and it all made me feel so vulnerable and powerless over my body.

I thought I would die from AIDs before I turned 19…thanks to all the AIDs media at the time.

I felt like time was running out fast.

I don’t exactly know what it was or which was worse that made me so scared, so young that I wouldn’t ever be able to conceive and have a baby…

…natural instincts, something I read, something I heard, or because I had a heightened awareness since I’ve had my first period at nine.

But whatever it was, I was shook that I’d never have a baby.

To make it worse…

I saw a movie where everyone was infertile except this one Black girl…that was a wrap for me.

Plus, I had painful periods ever since my first when I was nine, that only pregnancy would solve for nine months. Lol!

But, it didn’t help that the Bible taught me that sex, the woman during her menses and after childbirth was “unclean”…which yound me believed so I could get to heaven…Another LOL!

So I just suffered in silence as an adolescent all the way into my late teens.

It seemed like everything around me was affirming that infertility, reproductive issues and childlessness were going to be part of my reality.

So, subconsciously, my mindset about fertility was a hot mess.

But when I look back, let’s just say, my fertility nightmare that I’d never get pregnant was really…

A “healthy fear” that I’d be infertile.

Because, if I never worried about never having children, I probably would have been like so many women who kept taking birth control for decades and then wondered why I couldn’t get pregnant after stopping the pill.

If I never felt like time was running out, I’d probably never be on my quest to help other women increase their fertility naturally.

I’d probably never be scared to get surgery on my cervix when they scheduled me to. So I could have easily woken up without my uterus.

I’d probably never heal my long painful periods myself.

Never shrink my fibroid, etc.

Because I had this healthy fear, instead of being a victim of infertility, like I seemed destined to be, instead I took my fertility into my own hands.

Now here’s my tips to try if you’re worried about not being able to get pregnant

5 Ways to overcome the fear of infertility

1. Start a Fertility Journal

Starting a fertility journal can help you express your fear of infertility and allow you an opportunity to reflect on the origin, source, validity or irrationality of your fertility fears.

2. Take a Fertility Awareness Course

Taking a fertility awareness course can help calm your mind from racing and creating unrealistic scenarios in your mind. Instead, you educate yourself on the causes of infertility, signs to look out for, how to prevent infertility and how to increase your fertility if your fertility is at risk.

3. Create a De-Stressing Routine

Adding destressing activities like a relaxing fertility yoga practice, using calming fertility herbs, getting adequate sleep and fertility selfcare methods to your routine can help manage the effects of stress that the fear of not being able to conceive is undoubtedly having on you.

4. Talk about Your Fears

Talking to someone about your fertility anxieties can help to alleviate some of the unknown and give you insight into how others are dealing with this common concern. You can speak with your partner, but also speak with someone who may deal with fertility clients like a fertility coach or your doctor.

5. Start Planning Your Fertility Journey

If you’re constantly worried about not being able to conceive, or have reason to believe this may be the case, it may be wise to actually start the process of planning your fertility journey. This can mean all of the above plus, creating a fertility routine, charting your cycle

So, If you’re feeling scared that you will never be able to conceive…

If you’re afraid that you’re running out of time

If you’re feeling alone, like no one understands why you want to conceive so bad…

I’ve been where you’re at before.

If you want to talk about ways you can conceive without constantly worrying anymore or feeling like the universe is against you having a baby…

Schedule a Clarity Call with me to learn ways that I can help you increase your fertility naturally.

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