How Can I Conceive Naturally If My Tubes Are Tied Or Blocked?

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On November 13, 2020

Are you wanting to conceive naturally, but you made a decision to tie your tubes years ago. Maybe you are now in a new relationship and wanting to start a family.

The decision to tie your tube may not have even been completely your choice if you were young when you tied your tubes. But now you want to get pregnant. So what are your options?

If you’re wondering if you can still get pregnant naturally the immediate answer is yes and no!

For obvious reasons, no, you cannot get pregnant if your tubes have fully healed, sealing off the passage for sperm or eggs to travel.

But, for some women there is a chance you can still get pregnant naturally, if your staples have loosened or your tubes have mended themselves on their own.

However, you still don’t want to risk an ectopic pregnancy by not at least trying to preparing for conception and getting a tubal reversal.

So here’s my 5 tips to boost fertility if your tubes are tied or blocked and. to help reduce risks of an ectopic pregnancy.

1.) Un-‘tie’ Your Tubes
Book an appointment to untie your tubes

2.) Do an HSG test/Fluid Test
After untying your tubes, do a test to see if your tubes are open

3.) Improve Your Diet
Reduce carbs & sugar and replace with more plant-based protein to boost fertility.

4.) Try Castor Oil Packs
Helps to loosen any scar tissue that may cause blockage

5.) Improve Circulation to Womb
Womb Massage
Yoni Steam

If test results show your tubes are blocked…

Try Yoni Steaming with Dong Quai
To reduce scar tissue, unblock tubes
Included in Womb Restorer Yoni Steams

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