5 Mindsets Black Women Have That Cause Fertility Issues

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On July 29, 2018

We may not want to admit it but we have traits and habits deeply embedded in our subconscious that contribute to our infertility. Some of these mindsets emerge when we least expect it on our fertility Journey. Other times we are very aware of them but struggle to subdue them. Here are some of the main mine sets that are holding you back from fertility.


Alcoholic Alisha

Alcoholic Alicia knows that alcohol reduces her fertility because she’s ready in all the Articles when she’s sober. But she can’t help to reach where that tall glass or that shot when she gets home from a long or stressful day. On top of that whenever she gets her monthly menstrual she spirals deeper into depression, relying on that drank to soothe her fertility woes.

Patricia Painkillers

Patricia painkiller is a very a outgoing fun-loving woman. Whenever she decides to settle down and figure out why she can’t get pregnant, she knows she’s going to want lots of children, but in the meantime. She just makes sure to stay up of everything and doesn’t want to miss a Beat. As soon as she feels something not right acting up in her body she reaches for her pills. She’s never missed a birth control pill either. Her prescriptions are always filled. And for those meds she can’t get over the counter, old boy down the street got her.

Aging Angie

Agent Angie is a successful CEO. Her business is her baby and she scared to leave it in just anybody’s hands. Her career has allowed her to travel the world and see many things and she has lots of trinkets and souvenirs to show for it. She’s getting older and often worries about when she will have a baby but keeps putting it off. She figures she’ll just go for IVF when the time is right.

Workaholic Wonda

Workaholic Wanda is very busy woman she has no time for jokes and doesn’t play. She takes her work very seriously taking on extra shifts and carrying extra work home to complete for the next day. Her job and boss rely on her for the simplest of tasks. So much so she feels that without her she wouldn’t have a job to go to. She’s very agitated by anything that is not work related, but even more frustrated by the fact that she can’t get pregnant yet. She just figures she has to work harder, and longer at trying to get pregnant.

Independent Aisha

Independent Aisha is on top of the world. Nothing can stop her. She gets her nails done at the finest salon and gets the slickest perms and weaves every 3 weeks or 1 month. She is always on fleek. She doesn’t need a man and will only get married and have a baby with somebody who can fill out her resume and checklist of demands. Despite all the fun that she has and her sense of Independence she still wants a baby. Except she can’t figure out why no man seems to be worthy.

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5 Mindsets Black Women Have That Cause Fertility Issues
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