The Single Best Thing Women Can Do To Increase Fertility Sooner

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On January 14, 2021

Sorry sis but there is not a baby in every bottle of Gerirtol or whatever you’re trying to conceive with this time.

We want what we want now so bad, that we think we’re just missing one magic pill or secret potion.

That’s not how the body works.

It takes time to reverse fertility issues.

Literally 3 or more months for some women and years for others.

Someone or something makes women think that getting pregnant happens overnight.

That’s not even the case for women who are more fertile and don’t have issues conceiving.

Because there were still things happening in the background on a cellular and hormonal level a quarter of a year prior that allowed for that woman to conceive.

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While she may not have had to intentionally “prepare” her body to carry a baby, all the choices she did or didn’t make, her family history, dna, diet, or whatever she did or didn’t do surely played a role.

You may not have the same make up, but you can very likely have the same results if you take the time to apply what works for other women that have been in your situation.

IVF can help you skip the natural process, but it can also result in hurt and loss that you may not have to go through.

And you still have to do things you may not want with IVF (and FYI: the benefits of IVF won’t extent to future pregnancies.)

The best thing you can do to conceive a baby sooner is to prepare your body for pregnancy sooner.

Like today, right now!

So that in 12 weeks you’ll be closer to your goal than if you did nothing until you thought you found that miracle cure in a bottle.

If you’re wondering how I can help Book a call with me for a 30 min appointment.

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