Why You Think You Can’t Concieve?

1.) Your Western Mindset

Many of the reasons why you think you cannot conceive has been learned. As a teenager, however, we learned a completely different message. We learned that it is so easy to get pregnant, but as we get older we are now taught that it is hard to get pregnant and we keep on receiving these mixed messages. As long as we continue to operate off of a western mindset we will always be manipulated mentally as far as fertility goes in a white male-dominated patriarchal society. Yet, if we are wise, we will use this knowledge that we can change our thinking to revert back to our original thinking, which was a fertility thinking mindset and operate based on that which has sustained us, and kept us here till now.
Solution: Get rid of your Western mindset.

2.) Your Western Lifestyle

So of course it’s no wonder if you have a western mindset that your actions and behaviors are going to dictate that you live a Western lifestyle. If your Western mindset ignores fertility and promotes sterility, disease, death, war, hunger fighting and greed then it is equally reflective in your lifestyle.

In order to change your lifestyle you have to first change your mindset, however you can tweak yourself into doing a few simple things that will change your habits and your patterns so you can begin to live a more fertile lifestyle. Having a baby naturally does not have to be hard if you are living a fertile lifestyle.
Solution: Change your Western lifestyle.

3.) Western Diagnosis

If you settle for just a western diagnosis, then you forgo all the other types of diagnosis that don’t compartmentalize you and label you such as Western medicine does. In order to have a baby naturally you may have to ignore your Western diagnosis or seek an alternative diagnosis and at the very least a second or third diagnosis. Seeing your doctor or gynecologist as God is a sure way to make sure that you never have a baby naturally.
Solution: Don’t rely on only a Western diagnosis.

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4.) Infertile Relationships

If you are in a relationship that does not support fertility and having a baby naturally this could be 90% of your challenge. You could be in infertile relationship with a lover we wish to have a baby with a friend that you count on a family member that you rely on or even yourself. However if these relationships are abusive non-supportive filled with abandonment and pain then your infant relationship could be harming you on such a subtle level making it hard for you to conceive a baby naturally.
Solution: Identify your infertile relationships

Why You Think You Can’t Concieve?
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5.) Not doing what Ancestors Did To Concieve

Many of us have forgotten the ways of our ancestors and ceased to do things that our ancestors did in order to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term. We need to remember and Revere many of the ways our ancestors who had all their babies naturally since like attracts like it would only be wise to do many of the things that help hi it would only be wise to do many of the things that helped him to conceive a baby naturally.  to conceive a baby
Solution: Don’t reject your ancient/ inner intuition.

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6.) Thinking You Have To Do It Alone

One thing we can count on living in the West is that if one person is suffering, there are likely thousands more. To think that you have to suffer alone is an atrocity but it’s not true. There is a wide body of fertility support that you can tap into and take advantage of now. As a matter of fact, the birth, fertility, and infertility communities are hidden gold mines that many people don’t know about because they are not mainstream and not very publicized. And this can actually work in your favor since once you get connected into a fertility community you can get one-on-one support from a very close knit group of people.
Solution: Stop thinking you have to do it alone.

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