This Blood Building Fertility Smoothie Helps You Conceive, Reduce Fibroids and Anemia

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On January 31, 2020

A fertility smoothie is one of the fastest ways to get vitamin B12 and vitamin K in your body.

When trying to conceive you need all the nutrients you can get especially if you are a Black woman, have fibroids, heavy bleeding or are over 35.

In this blog I’m going to share a simple Spirulina Kale Smoothie you can try at home to add to your morning fertility routine.

But first let’s talk about my three favorite greens herbs and the importance of Kale, spirulina and nettle and your diet for fertility.

You need adequate vitamin B12 and vitamin k as well as several other micronutrients from plant based sources because these are not produced in your body.

Try adding, kale, nettle, and spirulina to your next shake or smoothie.

Both kale and nettle are alkalizing and high in Vitamin K.

Many women I meet have fibroids or other estrogen dominant fertility challenges like endometriosis. Some women have both.

Estrogen helps you ovulate and helps things grow. However, an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone can promote the growth and proliferation of fibroids.

Alkalizing foods help you detox excess hormones from your reproductive organs so you can have an easier chance of conceiving.

Cruciferous vegetables such a Kale and broccoli also help you further eliminate estrogen from you colon.

This Blood Building Fertility Smoothie Helps You Conceive, Reduce Fibroids and Anemia
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Spirulina contains vitamin B12. Lots of it. But, it has been heavily promoted that the only source of vitamin B12 was from meat and animal sources. It’s just not true.

In fact, in a study, people who consumed meat and dairy were the ones with the lowest amounts of B12 compare to those who took superfood supplements like spirulina and other fortified foods.

The American NIH recommends 2.4 µg (2.8 µg for nursing mothers). When trying to Conceive, I personally would go for the 2.8.

Vitamin B12 is vital for the brain and nervous system’s function,
formation of red blood cells,
metabolism of almost every cell and more.

Without it several of your body’s functions like walking and fertility become impaired.

This Blood Building Fertility Smoothie Helps You Conceive, Reduce Fibroids and Anemia
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Deficiency in B12 can lead to anemia. Anemia is a real issue many Black people suffer with and even Black women I speak to in my Discovery Calls.

In a study two thirds of B12 deficiency patients were Black or Latino and already had underlying pernicious anemia.

This is a serious form of anemia and in many cases, you may not even show symptoms of severe anemia as noted in this same study.

Women with fibroids are especially at risk of anemia and low B12 reserves. Women with fibroids and heavy periods are at a greater risk because excessive bleeding depleates your B12 and anemia can lead to death.

You loose about a certain amount of B12 reserves daily. About 0.1-0.2% (or 1.4 to 5.1 µg) to be exact.

This Blood Building Fertility Smoothie Helps You Conceive, Reduce Fibroids and Anemia
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For a basic Spirulina Kale Smoothie, blend the following together:

1 head of kale
1 Cup nut milk (or non-dairy milk)
2 Tbsp Nettle
2 Tbsp Spirulina

Sweeten to taste.

Blend on high speed for about 1 minute or until thoroughly blended and consume while fresh. You can even get creative and use blue Spirulina for added eye candy or add in your favorite fruits or vegetables.

If you like this recipe and blog, you’ll love what I have coming up!

I am working on something really big and exciting!

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kale spirulina fertility smoothie for fibroids heavy bleeding & b12
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Nattassia Wynter

Nattassia Wynter

Fertility Coach

I help women like you optimize their fertility with the healing power of mindset, nature, acknowledging our femininity and regular routines.

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