What your Ovaries, Follicles and Eggs Look Like & Why Visualizing Helps Boost Fertility Naturally

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On January 15, 2020
What size are your ovaries, follicles and eggs? And do you know what your eggs, follicles and ovaries looks like? Wait, did you even know there was a difference?

There is a huge benefit to knowing and visualizing your reproductive organs and structures when it comes to increasing your fertility naturally.

If you’ve never seen an anatomically correct model of what your ovaries, eggs and follicles look like…

Keep reading this blog to learn why you definitely want to be in the know about the size of these reproductive structures, especially if you are trying to increase your fertility naturally over 35 years old.

Because not knowing what your ovaries, follicles and eggs looks like can lead to confusion, disconnection and trouble understanding how to increase your fertility naturally.

As women, this can force you to be dependant on outside forces when it comes to your reproductive choices, which has harmed many of our ancestors in the past and we don’t want that to continue.

So here’s an example why knowing what your ovaries, follicles and eggs looks like is so important.

What your Ovaries, Follicles and Eggs Look Like & Why Visualizing Helps Boost Fertility Naturally
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I recently had a woman contact me seeking help for her sister who’s ovaries were ‘shrinking’–who knew that was even possible? But, it’s quite possible!

However, shrinking ovaries means potentially smaller follicles.
Smaller follicles means smaller eggs. This is not good.

Smaller eggs may mean lower chances of conception because the eggs may not mature enough for ovulation to occur.

Even if there is successful ovulation and fertilizations of the smaller egg, it can mean you may have a lower birth weight baby.

Recently, low birth rate in males babies has been linked to lower fertility in adulthood.

But before we even get that far, I want you to understand that, if a doctor tells a woman that her ovaries are shrinking, he is probably going to suggest that ,if she wants to have a baby or to reverse this shrinkage that she takes drugs or schedule surgery.

As you know, that can have negative and irreversible side effects. All without first exploring natural options.

Right away her options are pretty much stripped away from her because we’ve been trained to see the doctors as gods. And she probably doesn’t know that there are herbs, foods and practices that she can do to increase the size of her ovaries, eggs and follicles–similar drugs that would be prescribed to her, without the harsh side-effects.

This is why we need to understand our own reproductive anatomy better, especially when it comes to fertility when trying to conceive over thirty-five. Because if you’re not doing anything to optimize your fertility past this age, you’re fertility is likely going to decline. But it doesn’t have to.

One example of why knowing what your ovaries, follicles and eggs looks like is important, is because you can use the power of you mind to visualise what its proper location, size and functioning should be.

As above so below.

Right now most women are totally disconnected from their entire lower abdominal region. And this reflects as poor circulation, abnormal uterine growths like fibroids, and inflammation as occurs in women with pcos.

If you’re still reading, after I mentioned the word visualize above, you are my type of Sistah!

What your Ovaries, Follicles and Eggs Look Like & Why Visualizing Helps Boost Fertility Naturally
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Because the power of visualization is extremely effective.

Visualization can be the difference between whether someone is rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, and what goes on in their day to day life.

Before you got out your bed today, you probably visualized how your day would look like. And what you envision probaby manifest pretty close to your idea each day.

This is because you have developed a ‘normative state’ of what your days will look like and it usually plays out how you expect it to for the most part.

But in order to do something different, like take a different way to the grocery store, you will most likely have to visualize what that other route will look like.

But to visualize travelling to a new country, you might have issues and call the travel agent or check google maps instead.

How the power of visualization operates when it comes to your fertility is similar.

If you want to visualize the proper functioning of your womb, it will help to have an idea of what these tissues and structures look like.

Knowing what your ovaries, follicles, and eggs looks like restores your sacred feminine power as a woman.

What your reproductive organs look like.

The average ovary size is about the size of a grape or olive.

A normal follicle, the cavity inside the ovary that stores your egg, measures between 0.71 to 0.91 inch before ovulation when it ruptures.

And your egg size at the time of ovulation will be about 16 – 22 mm and is very important to be able to be fertilized by sperm.

Visualizing what your reproductive organs look like helps create mental connections that can improve your fertility.

I recently posted a photo of an anatomically correct graphic of an actual egg being released from a follicle in and ovary during ovulation on my instagram account. It went a little viral. Why?

Because most women have never seen what their own reproductive organs look like.

What your Ovaries, Follicles and Eggs Look Like & Why Visualizing Helps Boost Fertility Naturally
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Not that I think we should be prying around in women’s wombs, but the technology and knowledge of these organs has been here for a while and should have been more commonly available in schools, clinics and anywhere else helpful.

You’re not alone. If I wasn’t passionate about fertility or offering fertility coaching, I doubt I myself would ever know what these anatomical structures look like.

One activity you can do right now to begin reclaiming your reproductive power and energetically increasing your fertility naturally is to visualize what your eggs looks like for 5 minutes a day.

If you need to, look at the picture of follicles, eggs and ovaries and visualize your own eggs, ovaries and follicles being healthy and ovulating at different phases of your cycle.

The longer you do this the more aware and connected you will feel with your womb and fertility tissues and structure.

Doing this regularly will create an electromagnetic frequency in your body that will help to amplify and optimize your fertility over time.

Some women actually feel they receive the answers to healthier fertility problems and boost their fertility from doing such practices.

If you are currently struggling to feel any connection with your ovaries, eggs, and follicles, or even your womb and vagina, yoni steaming is an ancient women’s fertility ritual that can help.

Yoni steaming is the sacred healing practice of letting steam from medicinal herbs penetrate your vaginal tissues to activate and stimulate better sensation, functioning, and fertility. Download your free Yoni Steam for Fertility Checklist HERE

If you want my guided support visualizing or yoni steaming, I would love to help guide you to increase your fertility with these and other natural methods. To start, Schedule a call with me HERE.

So did you know there was an anatomical difference between your eggs, follicles and ovaries? Have you received any messages from your body while visualizing? What messages did you receive? What do they require of you to function better? What do you need to do to help make that happen?

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