3 Top Fertility Herbs Black Women Need to Start Vaginal Steaming With Today for Vaginal, Liver & Fibroid Health to Conceive Fast

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On January 7, 2020
When trying to improve your fertility naturally, your liver probably isn’t the first thing you think of. So you may not think your liver affects your fertility, but it does.

Poor liver health may actually disrupt your menstrual cycle and worsen fibroids or other estrogen dominant reproductive conditions. A weak or sluggish liver can even make it difficult to get pregnant as fast as you’d like, especially for women over 35.

So in this blog, I want to share some useful fertility info about your liver. I’m also going to give you some helpful fertility tips you can use to start increasing your reproductive health faster.

Let’s start by looking at ways of supporting your liver function, that can also help to reduce fibroids and regulating your cycle.

Liver’s Role In Fertility & Fibroids

Your liver is an organ located in your lower abdomen.

The liver’s main function is to flush toxins out of your body. It does this by helping filter blood from your digestive tract and then send this filtered blood back into the body.

The liver also helps your body metabolize drugs and detox chemicals and excrete these toxins as waste in your stool.

In fact, the liver has over five hundred functions.

Some signs that your liver may not be functioning at its optimal levels are poor fertility, abdominal pain and swelling, dark urine, itchy skin, yellowish eyes and more.

Jaundice in babies is more commonly associated with liver issues, However adults can have fertility issues that go unchecked for years. If you have had symptoms of liver issues that you haven’t addressed, you may have issues getting pregnant, estrogen dominance or irregular cycles. By the time many women notice these issues they may be over thirty-five, so the symptoms may have become so common they are unnoticeable.

A study on mice showed that the liver may have an important impact on women’s fertility. While conducting the study, it was discovered that the liver was the organ with the most estrogen receptor sites. This is important because estrogen triggers the production of uterine lining and other tissues in the human body.

They also noticed how effectively the estrogen receptors expressed them self depended on the levels of dietary amino acid in the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

Some mice with low amino acid levels had reduced estrous cycles. So they experimented puting some mice on a calorie restricted diet. The mice fed the restricted calorie diet had poor functioning estrous cycles because they did not have enough of a necessary hormone in their blood.

When the protein in their diets were returned to normal, so did their cycles. But this did not increase with increasing dietary fat or carbohydrates, only dietary proteins.

The study suggests that women’s menstrual and overall fertility may be affected by the levels of estrogen in your diet.

Increasing rich sources of plant-based protein in your diet may help to build thicken your uterine lining so a fertilized embryo can implant after conception.

Increasing the uterine lining also helps normalize and regulate your menstrual cycle and support regular ovulation.

However, simply eating more protein may not be the only answer to your reproductive issues.

Too much estrogen is not good either.

No matter how much dietary protein you ingest, if you liver is weak or sluggish your fertility may accumulate too much estrogen. Women may have weakened liver due to previous poor diet, drug or alcohol use.

A sluggish liver won’t be able to help you regulate toxins and excess hormones out of your body. This can contribute to estrogen dominance. Fibroid is an estrogen dominant condition that can affect fertility by causing excessive bleeding and make it difficult for a fertilized egg to implant to the uterine lining.

But don’t worry Sis, there are some things you can use from nature to help you get your liver working like new.

Several herbs help to improve liver health. Three herbs I will mention here are especially useful if you have fibroids and are taking measures to try to get pregnant naturally.

So here are the three herbs that support liver health:
Dong Quai

All three of these herbs are included in the WombRestorer Yoni Steam which you can learn more about HERE.

While you can consume these three herbs in a tea, if you want a really effective way to use these herbs you can also try vaginal steaming.

Vaginal steaming, or yoni steaming, can be ideal when supporting liver health for fertility. Yoni steaming is the sacred women’s ritual practice of sitting, kneeling or standing over herbs infused with water to allow the steam to enter the vagina and reproductive tissues.

Yoni steaming helps the benefits of the herbs go directly where, without getting absorbed by your digestive tract, so you need it for faster results.

Some benefits of yoni steaming included resolving menstrual issues, reducing fibroids and regulating ovulation.

Since the liver is close to your reproductive region, your liver will also reap the benefits of vaginal steaming for fertility.

Depending on the yoni steam herbs you use, the steam can enable the benefits of the herbs to work faster at toning the liver and strengthening it so it can function better.

Yoni steaming combined with a diet rich in plant based proteins can help to improve fertility faster than if you were to go without doing so. If you have estrogen dominant issues like fibroids, endometriosis, polyps, etc your womb will also benefit from this new self-care routine you can start doing at-home Today.

Fertility declines if you have Poor liver health & can increase estrogen load, worsening fibroids and other estrogen dominant conditions.

Your liver health is important to consider especially if you struggle trying to conceive, fibroids, estrogen dominance or irregular periods.

Regular yoni steaming can help you conceive faster by improving liver health, helping to reverse fibroids by helping eliminate estrogen load and regulating cycle

To learn more about vaginal steaming, get my Free Yoni Steaming Checklist Here Today!

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