What Is A Yoni Steam Treatment

By Nattassia Wynter, Fertility Coach

On January 1, 2020

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I’m going to be speaking and writing a bit more about yoni steaming, or vaginal steaming as I prefer to call it. Because it’s such an important fertility technique and kind of a feminine rights of passage, I want all the women I can help to take.

Make sure to read to the end for some gems you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re ready to yoni steam now get my FREE 9-Step Yoni Steaming for Fertility Checklist to simplify this mysterious natural Fertility technique.

Yoni Steaming For Fertility

Yoni steaming is the art of allowing medicinal vapors of herbal steam to permeate your vaginal tissues and reproductive organs. Yoni steaming helps to improve and restore fertility, eliminate fertility issues like fibroids and promotes a sense of connectedness to you womb that I think a lot of people fear.


“Yoni” is supposedly a Sanskrit word for vagina, but a lot of people think it also means womb. But I’ve read that using the word yoni to represent the word vagina for all women in India is offensive because Sanskrit is spoken but lighter skinned Indians and doesn’t represent the many darker skinned indigenous people there.

As a woman of Jamaican ancestry with some Indian influence, I have heard that one of my great grandmother’s used to wear a sari and the Jamaican language, or dialect–patois– has a lot of Indian influence. Then there is the relationship between Black people in Jamaica and Ethiopia and Kush…

So we use words like pum pum, punani and punni to represent the word vagina. And a lot of other words like ganja are directly thought to be a clear relationship we share with India. So when I heard the word yoni it was kind of strange that I never heard it before, in any reggae songs, because there are tons of songs about pumpum in reggae, but not “yoni”!

That doesn’t take away from the benefits of the healing practices. But I only call it yoni steaming because the search engines and everyone using the word yoni instead of vagina haven’t caught up yet.

So vaginal steaming is the art of communing with your womb over liquid incense. It’s art, it’s healing, it’s sacred, it’s a traditional feminine practice, it can get creative or witchy–some people like to take it to the next level, and I think that is part of what people fear.


Deep inside I think that things like yoni steam, and how women valued practices like these and honored their sacred time with their womb and vagina is what a lot of the witch hunts and destructions of goddess temples was about, along with attempts to take down the Black race.

You know, if you want to teach an individual, teach a man, but if you want to teach a nation, or in that case, destroy a nation, you teach or in that case destroy the woman.

And when you strip a woman from her homeland, bring her over here in chains and take away luxuries such as yoni steaming, because although I believe it’s a woman’s birthright, it is a luxury, too.

So when you take all that away and tell her don’t touch your vagina or put anything near or in it except for a penis, tampon, pad or a doctor–and let them put whatever they want in it only, then you destroy women.

Why do you think Black women are so ashamed of talking about infertility and their struggles with infertility? We don’t really trust the doctors a lot we’ve been traumatized too long and it’s time Black women deal address this trauma because it affects our wombs. And yoni steaming is a way to heal that type of trauma. It’s spiritual healing and womb healing combined. That trauma doesn’t go away with white women telling us yoni steaming is made up and to just IVF, which is failing black women 12% more than white women. To me that is still a form of birth control.

When we came here, we were fertile. The white man is studying fertility everywhere he goes. For what? And then telling you not to have children, not to douche, not to yoni steam, but buy back your eggs from him!

Yoni steaming is helping Maroon women in Suriname avoid vaginal infections, while the lighter Surinamese women who are said to have more intercourse with European men and who don’t yoni steam or use vaginal rinses, and I don’t just mean the little washing they tell us to do, as much are more riddled with vaginal diseases. I found it interesting, because in Jamaica we also have Maroons, living in the mountains. I’m pretty sure they practice it there too.

But I digress, only because these are the things no one else is talking about when they mention yoni steam. Because it’s not just a trend as some people want you to believe. There is a whole history and several stories wrapped is the thick steam that rises out of this thing called yoni steaming.

But essentially, yoni steaming is much like diffusing essential oils in a diffuser which is very relaxing, but into you womb which brings me to another kind of myth–that you can’t use essential oils to yoni steam!

Now listen good– do not use essential oils period if you cannot respect them and don’t know what you’re doing. But guess what my first yoni steam was with that I did before I knew what the word or phrase yoni steaming even was.

My first yoni steam was with essential oils and nothing bad happens to me. What do you think is giving you all the benefits when you yoni steam? It’s the essential oils. The essence of the yoni steam herbs is what evaporates into your tissues.

Soon you will hear more people says essential oils is not that bad to steam with. But it’s not for beginners, it’s too powerful go most.

I started off very heavy into aromatherapy and essential oils. Before I dealt with herbs, I used essential oils. That’s what I used as my first vaginal steam. But I knew what oils to use and what I was doing because I bathed myself and my babies with these oils and knew how to use them. But yeah, don’t yoni steam with essential oils if you don’t.
It’s not necessary if you just want to try yoni steaming.

Very few women will ever have the pleasure here in the West, of yoni steaming, but you should definitely try it with herbs.


All a yoni steaming treatment, is sitting over a bowl or pot of herbs for twenty or thirty minutes to let the steam carry the herb’s healing properties directly to your reproductive organs where want it.


The vaginal tissues are one of the most absorbent in the body, so in terms of getting results, this is the way to go if you want to avoid the digestive system and the possibility of the benefits being lost by the stomach acid.

Then once the molecules and active compounds enter the tissues and bloodstream, they can bind to your hormone receptors and stimulate the body to ovulate, menstruate, release toxins trapped in the tissues and, best of all help you to relax, which is so important for fertility and pregnancy to take place.

So a yoni steaming treatment or vaginal steaming is a ritual that doesn’t require much, but holds lots of power and can open the portal to allow a baby to finally come thru your womb, maybe for a woman with unexplained infertility. Or it can be just a regular selfcare practice to remind yourself where you come from and the powerful lineage of women who come before you and to reconnect to your source and other women around you.

If you are interested or ready to try yoni steaming and are trying to conceive or eliminate infertility issues like fibroids, Download my FREE Yoni Steaming for Fertility Checklist.

This checklist also comes with a step-by-step yoni steam treatment guide so you can do this natural fertility technique in 9 easy to follow steps at home.

As a Fertility Coach, I can answer your questions about yoni steaming directly and help you decide if yoni steaming is right for you. I can also guide you to doing it correctly or suggest or provide customized or semi-customized yoni steam herbs just for you.

If you’re ready for Fertility Coaching, schedule a discovery call HERE today and let’s get started.

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So what do you know about yoni steaming? What do you want to know about yoni steaming? Have you ever tried a yoni steam treatment or are you going to try yoni steaming? Why or why not?

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